Attic over Attic Apk + OBB v1.01

File Size : 164 MB Added : 03/10/2017 Category : Adventure

7-year-old boy, Jack went to pick up the toys 'Puppy-poo' favorite friend with a dog Corny up in the attic. It will happen to go up to the attic above the attic another. And Jack is discarded and Corny enough to lose yourself in the pranks of ghosts. And the toys meet friends from there and retired to the ability to borrow the strength of a toy called 'Toynize' Defeating the naughty ghosts that plague them overcome the obstacles of various exit the attic. Corny Jack and I really could regain the body looking for Puppy-poo? Embark on an adventure with a mysterious attic -Jack! - If the 'Toynize' on the toy's ability to use the toys! - What was what happened to the toys and naughty ghosts retirement of the attic? - Please enter the warehouse attic stairs! - Heard the attic of toys do the mission! - You can listen to the theme song 'Attic over Attic' at the opening of the attic Attic over the screen!