Audio Evolution Mobile Studio 4.3.2 Apk for Android

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The most powerful multi track audio and MIDI recording studio on Android with support for over 250 USB audio and MIDI interfaces (*), virtual instruments(*), editing with unlimited undo/redo, mixing, real-time effects, automation and much more! Record your voice, guitar, piano or any other audio source or create beats and synth tracks using a piano roll or external MIDI keyboard. Features: • Multitrack audio recording / playback • MIDI sequencing (in-app purchase required) • Drum pattern editor • Non-linear non-destructive editing with move, trim, split, cut/copy/paste, remove, cross-fade and range editing • Virtual instruments based on SoundFonts (in-app purchase required) • Loop playback • Automation of all mixer and effect parameters • Latency correction • Import of WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg/Vorbis audio files (m4a and others when running Android 4.1 or higher) • Mastering (mixdown) to stereo WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC or OGG file • Software monitoring for USB audio devices and some Android devices that have low enough latency • Sample rate conversion • Metronome • Punch in/out • Zoom down to the sample • Each track has controls for volume, panning, mute, solo, arm, 3-band EQ with mid-sweep, 3 insert effects, 2 effect sends and output bus selection • Unlimited number of tracks • Unlimited number of groups • Real-time effects including: chorus, compressor, delay, dual delay, reverse delay, reverb, flanger, noise gate and many more! • Offline effects: fade in/out, normalize, reverse, pitch shift, time stretching • Unlimited undo/redo for editing facilities • Several grid options for aligning your samples (with tempo and time signature settings) • Repeat samples with several options to create loops • Add markers and quickly jump to them • Projects are interchangeable with our desktop DAW Audio Evolution 5 • Export to other DAW's by rendering all tracks to separate audio files (stems) • In short: a complete portable multitrack music studio that will replace your 4 track recorder or tape machine, almost for free!