Crossy Road 2.3.1 Apk for Android

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Crossy Road Multiplayer! - connect to the same wifi network as your friends - play with 2-4 friends at the same time **HOW-TO CONNECT TO MULTIPLAYER:** 1. Make sure you are connected to the SAME wifi network as your friends 2. From the game start screen, click on the bottom right button with a triangle to open more button selections 3. At the top, click the button with two chickens and a wifi signal 4. Player 1 should click "Create Game" (one player creates the game; all other players join this game). 5. All other players should wait for the game to be created. Once a game is detected you will automatically enter the game and can then choose your character and name 6. Game play is dependent upon a strong wifi network. If there are lots of users on the same wifi network, game performance will decrease. For best performance, play on a strong wifi network with few other users 7. Playing with different characters opens up hilarious different gameplay scenarios!