Drift Spirits 3.1.0 Apk

File Size : 39 MB Added : 03/02/2017 Category : Racing

Although we are currently working on verifying the operation of the latest Android OS (7.0 Nougat) scheduled to be delivered soon, there is a danger that this application will not start up properly or operate. When operation verification is completed, we will announce you again, so until then it is the latest Android OS 7. 0 Please refrain from updating to Nougat, thank you. We apologize for any inconvenience to everyone, but please understand. Decide! The fastest drift! It is! Welcome to the world of "Drift Spirits"! Win a drift battle that can be unfolded one on one and grab the fastest title! · Basic play Free drift battle game appeared! B7 · Easy operation of screen touch, anyone can enjoy powerful drift! · Anytime and anywhere incandescent battle! Your smartphone turns into a pass! · Corner is brilliantly clear with drift! Blow up the nitro power on the straight! · Many popular car models from domestic and foreign car manufacturers appear! - Combine parts & reinforce it and install it in a car! Power up to the strongest specification! · Color and wing can be selected by upgrading the car! Make it look cool as well! · BGM to fuel the exhilaration of the battle is written down by Mr. Yuzo Ancient! Increase the volume!