JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Records Apk 1.0.0

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You can enjoy JoJo's world view with a rich 3D model "3D" Doodo "action! It is! Organize a team of dreams beyond the department, beat the great technique! It is! * Please allow access to "phone" at the time of starting application in order to play this application. It is used for user identification, it is never sent from this application. ? This application can be played for free until the end, but there is some item charge, too. ? 3D "Dodo Do" action! It is! "JoJo" Smartphone game latest creation! This time "JoJo" is "3D" Dodo do "action! It is! Manipulate the character freely on the familiar stage with the original animation reproduced in the 3D model! Use the powerful actions and skills to knock down the enemy! It is! Various characters appeared! Part 1 ~ 4 unique character characters appear one after another! It is! There are a lot of characters that appear as 3D models for the first time! It is "possible" to strengthen the character with reinforcement materials obtained with quests and learn new skills! It is! Raise your favorite characters and aim for the strongest team! It is! ? Let's experience the story with "Quest"! With "Jojo" story motif "Quest" you can re-experience that name scene and episode! Let's strengthen the character with reinforcement material and experience value obtained by Quest Clear and challenge the quest of higher difficulty! ? Expanding "JoJo" Community! It is! "Jojo" The first "community function" of the game installed! It is! Join my favorite "Town" and chat with features such as "JoJo Tomorrow" Let's get excited! It is!