My Town : Fire station Rescue Apk v1.0

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Play as a fireman or a paramedic. Receive emergency rescue call in the control room and dispatch your fire truck, ambulance or helicopter to the rescue mission! WHAT IS MY TOWN : RESCUE ALL ABOUT? My town rescue is a place where a kid can experience, imagine and explore endless stories taking place when a rescue is needed. Visit the fire station, hang around the resting area, answer emergency calls and dispatch help. With lots of costumes, rooms and new characters My Town : Rescue is packed with endless fun and creative game play for every kid and parent. PLAY, IMAGINE, DISCOVER: Play as a fireman, a doctor or paramedic. Get your family to visit you at the fire station, show them around the gym or take them out on a quick helicopter flight. Discover all missions and always have your fire truck and ambulance ready for an emergency rescue call! GREAT NEW AND EXCITING FEATURES: - 9 locations that include everything you need for a rescue mission. From a mission control room, rest room and kitchen, ambulance and firetruck garage and much, much more! - Dispatch your fire truck. Use the ladder, activate the water cannon, gear up and dress up with your protective gear. - Reach the accident area at super speed with your ambulance! Assist the injured and help save lives! - Clothing, Uniforms and even a BBQ. Everything you need to have fun with the crew - Visit the gym to stay fit and ready for any mission. Lift weights, using the punching bag or have fun playing quick ping-pong game - Fire station control room. This is where the action takes place. Take incoming calls, Select missions and sound the alarm.