Naruto - Shinobu collection Gale Ranbu 3.2.0 Apk for Android

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[Authentic runner battle RPG] NARUTO - Naruto - Shinobu collection Gale Ranbu (Narukore) [one] Kakenukero ourselves of ShinobuMichi with a dash! ??And scrolling action of Rampart, gorgeous rendition of Battle Part fusion! ??Extremely two parts, Aim the ultimate ninja! [Two] Naruto, Sasuke, popular Shinobu us, such as cherry total appearance! ! ??Big Five Madara also from seven of the village and Ninkai War, ed., Obito such as, full of personality various Shinobu one after another appearance! ??Let's make the only team myself attracted a lot! [Three] key to the race of the friend is game! ! Ute enemies doing a mission to cooperate! ! [Four] further strongly when equipped with a wide variety of Shinobugu to exert a variety of effects! ???Since there is also a Shinobugu to exert a specific effect by Shinobu, the key to Shinobugu victory! !